Skip Drop Dialer

This application shows how to build a simple dialer application using WebRTC. It allows you to record a message and "Drop" that message back to a user's voicemail automatically once you have determined that it's a machine, and "Skip" to the next call. It makes use of the Voice Elements Beep Detector allowing you to record the whole message to a user's voicemail system.

To get started you will need to click "Call In." This will get you connected to the dialer service. You should hear a beep every 7 seconds that lets you know you are still connected. Feel free to record a message, by clicking the "Record Message" button. Once complete, you can click on any of the numbers to place the call. Click the "Leave Message" button to leave a voicemail to a user once you have determined you have reached their voicemail system.

Note: You must have a microphone for this sample to work.

Call Status

Your Status
Active Calls
Pending Calls
Customer Name Phone Number  
Rose Gonzalez (760) 555-5455
Sean Forbes (760) 555-5455
Jack Rogers (336) 555-7000
Pat Stumuller (314) 555-4427
Andy Young (785) 555-6200
Tim Barr (312) 555-1000
John Bond (312) 555-1000
Stella Pavlova (212) 555-5500
Lauren Boyle (212) 842-5500
Barbara Levy (503) 555-7800